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Like all living things, trees have a natural lifespan.  Sometimes that lifespan can be cut short when sudden disease or infestation damage a tree so severely that complete removal is the only option.  Tree removal is a last option but sometimes it becomes imperative to protect your safety and your property.

Whether you have lived in the same home for decades or you are brand new to the neighborhood, we can provide a professional tree-risk assessment that will help you better understand the kind of maintenance your trees need to thrive in their environment.

By assessing pests, disease, maintenance, and other health-related issues, we can inform you of the risks associated with your trees, including their health and your safety.

   There are many variables that come into play such as the trees proximity to buildings, fences and power lines. Westbrook Tree Service and Landscaping offer skilled and experienced professionals that will safely remove trees from your property.  Once the tree has been removed, we will cut up and haul away all of the debris.   We also know how devastating a storm can be to your trees and landscape. We provide 24/7 storm damage clean up from downed trees, tree limbs and more.   We offer safe and reliable Tree Removal , Tree Trimming , and Landscaping in Wilson County T.N. and all surrounding  counties. We are committed to providing you with quality service at  a fair price!


Our Team

We look forward to doing business with you!

Justin L. Westbrook

Justin Westbrook has 16+ years experience in the Tree Service industry. Highly skilled and professional at safely removing dangerous trees. Experienced and educated in modern Pruning techniques  and  overall health of all trees and shrubs.

Kristi L Sutton

Supervisor/Customer Service
Kristi Sutton has 15+ years experience in Customer Service and Property Maintenance. She  specializes in  recognizing and evaluating tree health/hazards,  she also offers expert advice on Landscape Maintenance and  Design techniques.

Brandon O. Westbrook

Brandon Westbrook has 10+ years experience and knowledge in the Tree Service Industry. Highly qualified in Rigging / Roping techniques. He is also trained and equipped with today's tree trimming methods, to ensure the highest quality of safety and  care offered in the tree service industry. 

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